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Looking for an all-in-one software solution for your school management tasks? We have a solution for you.
Practica's SchoolEasy equips you with innovative tools in its school management software to manage staff, students and all day-to-day tasks with utmost ease and efficiency.

A Digital Ecosystem for your School → Shaping the future of school management

Intelligent Integration

Take away the pain of multi-software integration

SchoolEasy smoothly integrates the process of creating, planning and managing all your school data with its carefully crafted modules in school management software - all with a beautifully crafted interface specially designed for you, our user.

Student Management

Staff Management


School Calendar


Fee Management

Fee Management

Exam Management

Daily Attendance


Smart Transportation



Leave Management

Parent App

School Website

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Easy Student Management

Manage all your student data in a few clicks

With SchoolEasy, say goodbye to physical files and the hassle of paperwork for admissions, attendance or report cards. Pave the way by going paperless and carve your niche as a 'school of the future'.

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Boost Staff Productivity

Manage your staff efficiently while also delegating modules

SchoolEasy provides top-notch employee management, allowing you to manage your staff records, generate payroll and assign roles while at the same time providing your staff an access to manage their classes. Multi-functional management at the click of a button!

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Simplify Fees and Finances

No more worrying about spreadsheets and ledgers – here's how

SchoolEasy's Fee module enables you to redefine fee record maintenance by letting you define fee structures, collect fee via online portals and keep track of dues, along with several other functionalities.

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Announcements & Messaging
Clear & Concise Communication

A simple and powerful tool for communication

Enjoy hassle-free information exchange between students, teachers and parents alike, with SchoolEasy's feature-laden modules for announcements, alerts & notifications and one-to-one messaging.

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Transforming your Timelines

With SchoolEasy's Calendar and Time-Table modules, defining your school timelines has never been simpler. SchoolEasy lets you plan yearly events, activities, exams or competitions or even simply create weekly timetables, allocate substitute teachers and do much more!


Everything your school needs.

SchoolEasy understands your school extremely well – down to the minutest details. Scroll down to find out exactly how well.
SchoolEasy's core modules are further supplemented by multiple features and functionalities

Why School Easy?

We understand that the task of managing a school is, without doubt, formidable. SchoolEasy rises to this challenge by providing a holistic approach to the dynamic difficulties of school management. With the introduction of assistive features like import/ export, automated wizards, in-app education and school-theme customization, SchoolEasy empowers you with a feature-packed ERP solution to help you focus on nothing else but your end-goal – imparting world-class education.

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    One System for all Stakeholders → Integrated Interface for all Users

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    School-wise Branding → School Theme Customization

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    Payroll and Payslip Management → Simplified Fees and Finances

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    Print-Ready → Print-Ready Material

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    Quick Filters & Suggestions → Efficient Filters & Suggestions

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    Available Anytime, Anywhere → Available Anytime, Anywhere

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    Quick & Easy Admissions → Pain-free Admissions

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    Daily Attendance → Day-to-day Attendance Tracker

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    Import & Export for Easy Setup → Import/ Export across Platforms

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    Transparency in System → Interactive Dashboards at a Glance

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    Full On-Site Support → Full On-Site Support

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    Paperless & Environment Friendly → Paperless & Environment Friendly

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    Integrated Leave Management → Easy Leave Management

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    Initial Configuration Wizard → Automatic Configuration Wizard

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    Detailed Reports → Informative Report Generation

SchoolEasy is now on PlayStore!

Cross-platform integration is one of our core beliefs. Now you can manage all your SchoolEasy tasks from your android device as well, with the SchoolEasy Companion App. Download school app now and stay connected anytime, anywhere!

Interconnected System for all stakeholders
A Digital Ecosystem for your School

Practica's SchoolEasy is an all-in-one software solution for your school management tasks. SchoolEasy app equips you with innovative tools to manage staff, students and all day-to-day tasks with utmost ease and efficiency.

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